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January 25, 2013

Sunset Boulevard

For Sunset, Lloyd Webber paired Black with the theatre and film writer Christopher Hampton. Coincidentally, Hampton had long thought the film would make a good musical, and had approached Paramount Studios for the rights, only to discover that someone else was already negotiating for them. That someone was Andrew Lloyd Webber.

1993 Sunset Boulevard

Don’s next full musical with Andrew Lloyd Webber was as big as they come, in terms of cost, size and pressure. Don was about to tackle a legend, one of Hollywood’s most famous – Sunset Boulevard.

While some might have thought it a daunting task to musicalise one of Hollywood’s most famous films, Black – ever the optimist – was far from cowed. ‘I didn’t look at the negatives,’ he says. ‘I was hooked as soon as Andrew played me the tunes. He was at the piano, playing and saying, “And this is where she comes down the staircase.” And these incredible melodies were pouring out. I think it’s his best score. Heaven.’