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February 22, 2013

The World Is Not Enough

Artist: Garbage

January 18, 2013


"I know how to hurt,
I know how to heal,
I know what to show,
And what to conceal.

I know when to talk,
And I know when to touch,
No-one ever dies from wanting too much."

2000 The World Is Not Enough

A Sherly Crow and Mitchell Froom alternative was picked for the opening credits of Tomorrow Never Dies, but three years later, for The World Is Not Enough, Don was back where he likes to be – hitting them between the eyes from the start.

Garbage performed the song, which gets the adventure off to a rousing start – together with an opening sequence that found perhaps the only good use ever for London’s Millenium Dome. Not one of the most distinguished Bond films, it never quite lives up to that early promise, nor does a clever and thoughtful plot quite come off. Still, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough grossed an amazing $698 million between them.